Saari finishes 2nd among 1,427 at 106th running of Dipsea Race

June 13, 2016

Matias Saari cross country running

Matias Saari

Matias Saari of Anchorage nearly picked up one of the biggest wins of his career in one of the oldest races in the country.

The accomplished mountain runner finished second out of 1,427 participants at the 106th Dipsea Race, a brutal and beautiful trail run from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach in northern California.

The 7.4-mile race is demanding with steep terrain and different with a unique handicapping system that allows runners to begin the race before others based on age and gender.

Saari, 45, actually ran the fifth-fastest time but because of his 4-minute handicap his time was adjusted from 51:25 to 47:26.

Winner Brian Pilcher, 59, posted a time of 46:28 thanks to an 11-minute head start.