Dabbs destroying opposing pitchers of late for Marshalltown

April 7, 2018

Nicolette Dabb softball

Nicolette Dabb

Anchorage’s Nicolette Dabbs is tearing the cover off the softball for Marshalltown Community College.

The freshman outfielder is hitting .500 on 6-for-12 hitting over her last four games with the NJCAA team in Iowa.

She also hit her first college home run in that span.

Dabbs, of East High fame, is hitting .290 in 12 games for the 10-9 Tigers.

She’s been especially effective lately.

Take a closer look:

First 8 games
3-for-19 / 3 RBIs / 1 run / 4 strikeouts
Last 4 games
6-for-12 / 4 RBIs / 5 runs / 1 strikeout