Ostrander becomes NCAA All-American for 10th time for Boise St.

March 10, 2019
Allie Ostrander track and field

Allie Ostrander

Kenai’s Allie Ostrander walked away with her 10th career All-American finish after running to a fourth-place finish in the women’s 3,000 meters at the NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships in Birmingham, Alabama.

With the pack constricted into a tight group, Ostrander found herself trapped in the inside lane towards the back of the field. After multiple attempts to get into better position failed, she was forced to bide her time.

Ostrander, of Kenai High fame, finally found an opportunity to pass on the inside lane entering the final third of the race, but was clipped on the shin rounding a corner.

She recovered as the lead pack of Jessica Hull, Weini Kelati, Taylor Werner and Erica Berk began to pull away. On the backstretch of the final lap, Ostrander found her final gear to pass Berk and take fourth in 9:04.76.

Here is a breakdown of each of the 10 NCAA D1 All-American finishes for Ostrander in cross country and track and field dating to 2015.

NCAA All-American finishes
2019 3,000m indoor
2018 Cross Country
2018 *3,000m steeplechase outdoor
2018 5,000m outdoor
2018 3,000m indoor
2018 Distance medley relay indoor
2017 Cross Country
2017 5,000m outdoor
2017 *3000m steeplechase outdoor
2015 Cross Country
*NCAA champion