The public vote occurs every November to help select inductees for the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame.  However, the public can submit a recommendation form any time of year to raise awareness about a person, moment or event you feel is worthy of consideration for induction.  All submitted recommendations will be reviewed by the selection panel prior to them completing their own annual ballot.  A number of submissions will also periodically be posted on the Alaska Sports Blog for public review.

Keep in mind that a recommendation is not a vote.  If you would like to participate in the annual public voting process, visit the candidates page.  If you would like to vote for someone not listed as a candidate, you can vote for them as a “write-in” candidate.

Public Recommendations

A place for the public to submit recommendations for people, moments and events to be considered for induction into the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame.
  • In a paragraph, please explain why this candidate merits meets ASHOF criteria for induction by having brought positive distinction to the state of Alaska and pride to its people.