Boozer looking to silent critics (Basketball)

October 23, 2009
Carlos Boozer

Whatever the NBA analysts think about his decision to return to the Utah Jazz after flirting with other teams in the offseason, Carlos Boozer has proved one thing over his NBA career.

Don’t doubt him.

He is an All-Star when healthy, a double-double machine and one of the best power forwards on the planet.

So when Boozer, a 2008 Alaska Sports Hall of Fame inductee, says he is finished with the drama of the offseason, believe him.

“That’s way over and done with,” he told The Associated Press. “I’m looking forward. I have this Jazz uniform on and I’m happy to be back.”

Utah is happy to have him back, too. Last season the Jazz ranked 19th in the league in rebounds and 21st in blocked shots, largely because the 6-foot-9 Alaskan missed significant time due to injuries.

Boozer, of Juneau fame, had averaged a career-high 21 points to go with 10 rebounds in the 2007-08 season, teaming with point guard Deron Williams to recreate the famous Stockton-to-Malone connection.

“I’m excited to play basketball, excited to be healthy,” Boozer said. “I have a lot to prove and I think my team has a lot to prove. We’ve had a long summer, longer then we normally have, and the guys are ready to show what we can do. And I’m one of those guys.”

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