More write-in nominations (Hall of Fame)

November 11, 2009

Even though voting for the Class of 2010 continues for another two weeks, it’s never too early to think ahead.

Here is a list of write-in recommendations the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame has received from the public for future consideration.

If these nominations get enough votes their names will be added to next year’s ballot.

But don’t forget—voting for the Class of 2010 lasts until Nov. 25.

Marcus Dunbar
—U.S. indoor mile champion and 9-time winner of Heart Run, Alaska’s largest road race.

Dale Kephart—1964 U.S. Olympic gymnast. She later was an assistant coach, head coach, judge and choreographer at Olympic Games.

Dannielle Marie Malchoff—multi-medalist in NYO, WEIO, and Arctic Winter Games Team Alaska.

Bonny Sosa—Runner and active supporter of youth sports through her organizing Healthy Futures.

Doug Keil—first-ever Paralympic gold medalist in Alpine skiing.

Vic Vickers—Gold Medal BS Artist 2008.

+ Ketchikan High School wins boys state basketball championship four years in a row (1965-1968).

+ David Morris sets American marathon record at Chicago Marathon in 1999.

+ David Thomas wins all-around male sportsmanship and male all-around athlete awards, 2003-2004 NYO Statewide, has my vote as first place.

+ Chris Clark wins U.S. women’s Olympic Marathon Trial, stunning the running world.

+ 1989 World Junior Alpine Championships at Mount Alyeska, led by Tommy Moe’s Super-G and combined gold medals.

+ Unalakleet wins back-to-back state titles in Class 1A (1990-91) and then Class 2A (1991-92).

+ The Sadler’s Alaska Challenge, the longest and toughest wheelchair and handcycle race in the world for people with physical disabilities.

+ The 2001 Special Olympics World Winter Games was the largest sporting event in Alaska and the world for people with intellectual disabilities. Over 1,700 athletes from 75 countries participated with a $25 million economic impact to Alaska. Please look deep and consider it as was a once-and-a-lifetime event. It was considered the best winter world games ever from the founder of Special Olympics Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

+ Alaska Women’s Gold Nugget Triathlon.

+ Ketchikan High School Clark Cochran Christmas Classic Basketball Tournament

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