Chalmers wants his starting job back (Basketball)

January 26, 2010
Mario Chalmers

For really the first time in his career Mario Chalmers of Anchorage is facing adversity on the court after losing his starting job with the Miami Heat.

And sitting on the bench ain’t sitting well with the point guard.

“Time to get back on my (shit),” mister6clutch wrote on his Twitter page. “Tired of sittin on the bench. Gotta get back to the way I was.”

Chalmers, of Bartlett High fame, wasn’t backing off those comments when Barry Jackson of the Miami Heat caught up with him.

“I’m ready to get back that spot,” Chalmers told the newspaper. “The team needs me back there. I want my spot back. I think there’s a great chance I can get it back.”

Chalmers reportedly has accepted his reserve role, but said starting was “more meaningful because I started every game last season. It’s my fault that I lost it,” he said.

The Alaskan has lived a charmed life on the basketball until now.

In high school he won two state championships and was named Class 4A Player of the Year three times.

At the University of Kansas he won an NCAA championship and was named Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year and Big 12 Tournament MVP.

His rookie season went well, with him starting all 82 games and averaging 10 points and 5 assists.

But this season has been a different story. First the Heat brought in Carlos Arroyo and now Skip 2 My Lou. Either way it adds up to fewer minutes.

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