If it’s for kids, count on Boozer (Basketball)

January 5, 2010
Carlos Boozer

Few professional athletes have a heart like Carlos Boozer.

How many do you know that host three different camps for kids?

Boozer does—one in Alaska, one in Utah and another in New York.

And how many have a fundraising foundation?

Boozer does—creating the Boozer’s Buddies organization after his 3-year-old son Carmani was diagnosed with sickle-cell disease.

Indeed, the Utah Jazz forward and Alaska Sports Hall of Fame inductee isn’t just an all-star on the court.

Next month Boozer and teammate Andrei Kirilenko will host a three-day camp at the Salt Lake Community College. Campers could be treated to a guest appearance by the players because the Jazz are home those days, that is, unless Boozer is traded (he is reportedly being shopped around).

In August, Boozer will host a weeklong camp in his hometown of Juneau (which is already sold out) before hosting another one Aug. 23-27 in Southampton, N.Y. He makes it a point of spending time with campers to make sure their experience is authentic as possible. They don’t just get a T-shirt.

Last year in Alaska, Boozer brought his friends Corey Maggette and Jay Williams to the state capital.

Half of the proceeds from his camp in Juneau benefit the Boozer’s Buddies foundation.

“It’s a very expensive procedure, so I know that we were very fortunate to be able to be in a position where we could afford the medicine and the procedure,” Boozer told the Juneau Empire. “A lot of families can’t afford it, so (we) raise money to help those families that need it.

“So it’s a good cause, and at the same time, your kid will have a lot of fun.”

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