Moore set for training camp to begin (Basketball)

April 23, 2010
Jessica Moore

WNBA teams open training camp Sunday and three weeks later the season begins.

That doesn’t leave teams much time to prepare, which is why so much emphasis is put on training camp. It means more in the WNBA maybe more than any other professional sport, said Palmer’s Jessica Moore of the Indiana Fever.

“There is a lot of information thrown at you,” she told me. “You have to learn plays, different defenses and the team’s identity in three short weeks. You are a professional now, so they expect you to be able to pick up and follow very quickly.”

It’s certainly nothing new for Moore, who is entering his sixth WNBA season. The 6-foot-3 center is coming off her finest season in the league, posting career-high numbers in minutes (19.8), points (4.8) and rebounds (3.1). She also shot a career-high .471 from the field.

Oh, yeah, and the 27-year-old Alaskan helped the Fever advance to the WNBA Finals before losing in the decisive Game 5.

“Last year was very exciting and I am very proud of our team making it to the Finals,” Moore said. “But at the same time I am definitely not satisfied and neither is anyone from the Fever. We have kept the feeling of how it felt to be in the Finals and we want to get back to that point this season.

“Coach (Lin) Dunn has sent us e-mails all winter long keeping it fresh in our minds and telling us to work hard and get better so we can be ready to go once season starts.”

Before she getting started, though, Moore took time to reveal an inside look into training camp.

A: How much of training camp is bonding with your teammates? What kind of stuff do you guys do off the court together?
Q: You spend a lot of time with your teammates. We do a lot of traveling for games and we generally all hang out together. We do regular stuff off the court. Ebony Hoffman likes to invite everyone over to her house to play Rock Band. Shay Murphy and I liked to go to the golf range and hit a few balls. Tammy Sutton Brown cooks a lot of Jamaican dishes for us. We have a lot of fashionistas on this team as well. We do a lot of shopping on the road.

Q: Can you break down a typical day in training camp?
A: Well for me a typical day looks a little bit like this. I get up about 7:30 am and I walk my dog Coby and have breakfast. By 8:15 I am on the road headed to practice which starts at 10:00. Practice ends at about 12:30, if we have a second practice it would be at 4:30 so it’s enough time to get home have some lunch and take a power nap before heading back to the gym. The second practice is over at 6:30. Depending on if I need treatment or not I will leave the gym at around 7:30. At home by 8. Enough time to have dinner walk Coby and in bed by 9:30 or 10.

Q: How much of your week is dedicated to physical training, practice, video, training room?
A: We spend a lot of time in the gym doing everything from lifting, treatment, watching film, practice, and team meetings. During the season I will be at the gym from 8 a.m. to 1:30 pm.

Q: Is training camp as bad we hear about on TV?
A: (Laughs) It is pretty tough. It depends on the coach really. But the great thing about camp is its only three weeks long and then it’s over. During season we have too many games so they can’t kill you in practice. They try to get it all in during camp.

Q: Do you enjoy practice or are you all about the games?
A: Of course I like games more than practice. Games are fun, they are the reward. I am a firm believer in practicing very hard. You should push yourself to the limit in practice because that is what makes you a better player. I remember one thing my college coach told us that always stuck with me. He said that we practice so hard and we are pushed to the limit so we will be ready for anything. Practice should be so hard that the games become the easy part.

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