Skittles prove costly for Chalmers (Basketball)

June 25, 2010
Mario Chalmers

Never mind towering defenders and quick guards, if you want to slow down Mario Chalmers of the Miami Heat just throw some Skittles his way.

The deliciously sweet candy has apparently caused a cavity or two for the 24-year-old point guard from Anchorage.

“Tweet world can I tell yall that I hate the dentist,” he wrote today.

Chalmers, of Bartlett High fame, blamed former teammate Daequan Cook for getting him addicted to a pre-game Skittles fix.

“Man still at the dentist,” he tweeted. “They just told me they found more cavities. Them damn skittles man.”

Three hours later, he was still there.

“I still have no feelin in my mouth … I really don’t like the dentist lol. I want some food. Numbness go away now lol.”

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