Voting ends in one week (Hall of Fame)

September 29, 2010
Alaska Sports Hall of Fame

The public has one week remain to submit their choices for who the people, moments and events they feel should be inducted into the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame. Voting ends Wednesday.

The accumulative public vote is the equivalent to the vote of each Selection Panel member and the public vote results are reviewed by the panel before they complete their own ballots.

The Class of 2011 will be announced at a press conference on Oct. 11 after the Selection Panel meets to review the public voting results and complete their own ballots. The induction ceremony will be at the ConocoPhillips atrium in February.

“We’ve had a great turnout so far this year,” said Alaska Sports Hall of Fame President Harlow Robinson. “Well over 1,000 people completed a ballot online in the first week and dozens have also submitted nomination recommendations on the Alaska Sports Blog.”

The Selection Panel will meet Oct. 10 to make their selections based on three categories: people, moments and events. Each Selection Panel member will rank candidates from one to ten based solely on how each candidate meets induction criteria. A graduated scale will be used by which the nominee ranked first on the list will receive ten points, the nominee ranked second will receive nine points, and continuing in such a manner so that the nominee ranked tenth will receive one point. In addition, Panel members will each rank five moments and five events.

A graduated scale will be used where a first place vote will be worth five points and a fifth place vote will be worth one point. The people, moments and events with the most points will be inducted into the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame.

The Selection Panel includes: Beth Bragg, Bob Eley, Mike Sica, Lew Freedman, Mike Janecek, Danny Martin, Steve Nerland and George Houston.

Following the Induction Ceremony, the Class of 2011 portraits and video biographies will be displayed with previous classes at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. The Alaska Sports Hall of Fame website will also display inductee biographies.

“Our partnership with the airport ensures that Alaskans and visitors to the state have an opportunity to celebrate icons of our state’s sports heritage,” said Robinson. “As the crossroads of Alaska, it is an ideal location for the Hall.”

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