Last batch of write-ins (Hall of Fame)

October 4, 2010
Alaska Sports Hall of Fame

Only two days remain to vote for the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2011.

During the voting process we have shared some of the write-in recommendations submitted by readers.

Here are the last batch:

Recommendation: Ephriam Kalmakoff
Submitted by: John Smith
Why: The youngest winner in the history of Mount Marathon at 14, he held the race record for 29 years until 1957 when Sven Johansen broke it on his fourth consecutive win.

Recommendation: Doug Keil
Submitted by: Moses Tcheripanoff
Why: Paralympic ski gold medalist and co-founder of Challenge Alaska wheelchair and handcyle race.

Recommendation: Nick Danger
Submitted by: Al Burke
Why: The only Alaskan ever to wrestle for the WWF at Sullivan Arena.

Recommendation: John Faeo, Scott Davis
Submitted by: Craig Beitinger
Why: It’s crazy that John Faeo, a seven-time Iron Dog champion who has won just about every snowmacine race in Alaska, and Scott Davis, also a seven-time Iron Dog champion and winner of many other snowmachine races, as well as having won more motocross state championships than anybody else in Alaska, aren’t in the Hall of Fame.

Recommendation: Roger McKinnon
Submitted by: Bob Downes
Why: Roger, as everyone in Fairbanks hockey circles knows, is the godfather of hockey in the Interior. He has coached at every level, has run a sports store devoted to his sport of choice and has been the driving force behind countless young men and women to go to college and on to the professional ranks. His devotion and hard work has been a huge asset to not only Fairbanks, but also to the development of hockey in Anchorage.

Recommendation: Shannon Donley
Submitted by: G.B. Brunner
Why: Won the Gold Nugget Triathlon seven times, the Eagle River Triathlon four times, the Fireweed 400 cycling race twice and Crow Pass Crossing. She’s also a U.S. National age-group champion and placed fifth at Worlds in Switzerland.

Recommendation: 1996 Klawock-Koliganek title game
Submitted by: Sonnie Anderson
Why: Many people do not know that Klawock High School was a part of Prince of Wales High School along with Craig until 1982. In 1982, Klawock and Craig separated and Klawock got to realize a dream of having their own high school. In four short years, from 1982 to 1986, Klawock High School built its girls basketball team to the caliber of champions. The girls brought their individual ability and perseverence, and became a team working together with each other and their coach. It is very commendable for them to bring such pride to their community and school.

Recommendation: Matt Carle
Submitted by: Chuck Homan
Why: Matt should be placed in the ASHOF based upon his outstanding performance when compared to other professional athletes currently selected for ASHOF membership. Matt was named the top college hockey player and awarded the Hobey Baker Memorial Award. That year he was also named the WCHA Player of the Year and the WCHA Defensive Player of the Year. In college he lead his Denver University team to a NCAA Championship. He was selected in the second round by the San Jose Sharks. In 2009-10 playing for the Philadelphia Flyers, Matt was a key in leading the Fyers to the Stanley Cup finals but they lost to the Chicago. Matt has played for the U. S. National Team. Outside of Scotty Gomez he has the most outstanding record of performance of any Alaskan hockey player.

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