Alaska’s only D1 sister act (Basketball)

November 26, 2010
Sylvia Bullock

Anchorage’s Sylvia Bullock has regained her starting position in the University of Miami frontcourt. Meanwhile, Lillian Bullock is earning minutes in the backcourt for North Carolina State A&T University.

Together, they make up Alaska’s only sister act playing NCAA D1 basketball.

Sylvia, of South High fame, had started all five games for the 4-1 ‘Canes. The 6-foot-2 junior forward is third on the team in rebounding (5.8) and fifth in scoring (5.8) in 26 minutes per game.

Last season she averaged 3.4 points and 4.1 rebounds in 36 games. She earned 21 starts, but lost her job toward the end of the season.

Lillian Bullock

Lillian, of Service High fame, is a 5-foot-8 senior guard coming off the bench. She has collected a total of three points and four assists in an average of 9.5 minutes per game. The team is 1-3.

She’s still adjusting to her transition from softball to basketball.

Lillian is the all-time home run leader in North Carolina State A&T history with 34 bombs in 197 career games. She also hit .330 for her career and drove in 138 runs.

She already graduated with a degree in accounting, so now she’s getting her masters in hoops.

UPDATE: Sylvia enjoyed the best all-around game of her career Saturday to help Miami win the UM Tournament with a 78-60 win over UNC-Greensboro. She collected a double-double in the championship game with 12 points and 10 rebounds to go along with four assists.

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