Miller’s spirits high while injured (Basketball)

January 23, 2011
Casey Miller

Despite never being injured before, Casey Miller of Fairbanks has managed to keep a positive outlook.

The rookie guard with Spanish professional women’s team Oviedo is nursing a knee injury that she originally hurt in October and again in December. It all started when she twisted her knee going up for a layup. Her knee kept bothering her so she got a second MRI and it showed that her meniscus was torn.

She had arthroscopic surgery last week, but that was only half of it.

“There was a piece of cartilage floating around that they took out as well, Miller told me. “It also turned out I had some cartilage damage on the part covering the femur, so they did a miniature version of micro-fracture surgery where he drilled little holes into my bone to let it bleed so that can help heal the cartilage.”

The good news is that the pain is gone.

The bad news is that she is sidelined for two months.

“My knee does not hurt right now, just my hands from using crutches,” she joked.

Before the injury Miller, of West Valley fame, was a double-figure scorer for first-place Oviedo, which remained undefeated in league play after beating third-place Aviles today.

“My coach, teammates and the staff have all been really helpful,” she said. “I hope to be back playing by March 18th … just in time for the important part of the season. We play until the end of May.”