Heun wins by submission (Mixed Martial Arts)

April 24, 2011

Anchorage’s Jake Heun took a major step in his progress as a mixed martial arts heavyweight fighter last night, improving to 2-0 for his career after winning by submission in the second round of his fight at the Arctic Challenge in Fairbanks.

The University of Hawaii senior football player used a jujitsu chokehold called the kimora to end his fight with Brandon Morgan, a local fighter who had won five of eight coming in.

“I didn’t just beat some guy off the street,” Huen told me.

This was just the second MMA fight for Heun, who represented the Chris Leben Fighting School in Honolulu. He has only recently focused on mixed martial arts after his football career ended a few months ago.

The first round saw Heun score a couple takedowns and some strikes before tiring.

“I had a pretty good adrenaline dump, so I was gassed,” he said. “I’m not real proud of myself for gassing out as hard as I did. I rocked him a couple times but I wasn’t able to capitalize because I had that adrenaline dump.”

He ended the fight in the next round, though.

“We exchanged a little bit; then I took him down and broke his left arm,” Heun said.

Adding the ground-and-pound aspect to his arsenal makes the 6-foot-1, 230-pounder only that much stronger, given his willingness to bang and background in wrestling.

“You gotta have that part of your game,” Heun said of submissions. “That’s something I picked up working with Chris. You can’t just be a wrestler and take people down and punch them in the face. It doesn’t always work.

“You gotta be able to break some bones, too.”