Bullock chases title in Norway (Basketball)

December 20, 2011

Peter Bullock

After spending the last eight basketball seasons in Norway, you’d figure Peter Bullock of Anchorage had tasted most of the local cuisine.

Well, not exactly.

“The other day at a Christmas party I ate smalahove, a traditional Norwegian food which is an actual smoked sheep’s head, with teeth and eyeballs,” Bullock told me.

“It was nothing like you see in the States,” he added. “But I’m a good sport, so I ate it, including the eyeball, and just convinced myself that maybe it would help my vision or something – you should Google it.”

Uh, no thanks.

On the court, Bullock is chewing up the competition.

The 6-foot-6 center leads the Norwegian League in steals [2.4] and ranks tenth in scoring [16.7] and fourth in rebounds [8.7].

He was recently selected for the All-State Game in Oslo on Jan. 6. Last year he was the league’s Center of the Year after posting a league-best 13.3 rebounding average.

At 29, Bullock is starting to think about life after basketball.

The University of Alaska Anchorage grad is scheduled to finish in June his master’s degree in international business and will begin working for a local shipping company in September.

“Every win is extremely important to me from here on out,” he said.

That sense of urgency is showing up on the court as Bullock has his new team Froya Basket in first place in the Norwegian League standings after the first two months of the season.

It was just in 2005 that the franchise nearly went bankrupt.

“People here are not used to seeing Froya Basket on top of the league,” Bullock said. “Now everyone is asking us all these questions about winning a championship.”