Heun loses ProElite fight (Mixed Martial Arts)

January 21, 2012

Jake Heun

Alaska mixed martial arts fighter Jake Heun was on the losing side tonight in Honolulu during the semifinals of the ProElite heavyweight tournament.

Undefeated Richard Odoms forced Heun to tap out with a hold dubbed ‘the neck crank’ in the second round.

It was just Heun’s second loss in his budding professional career.

The former football player at Bartlett High and the University of Hawaii won the first round and looked to be in control. Here is a rundown of the fight thanks to MAAjunkie.com:

In the evening’s second heavyweight grand prix semifinal, undefeated Richard Odoms (7-0) scored a second-round submission win over Jake Heun (2-2) in a highly entertaining – if not exactly technically sound – back-and-forth affair. The action started immediately, with Heun scoring an early slam takedown and then moving quickly to mount and an armbar attempt that looked close to ending the fight. Odoms then wiggled free and nearly had a rear-naked choke, but Heun escaped to the feet and reset. The pair fell into a dueling leglock battle for much of the later moments, and while neither was able to hit the finish, Heun did pull free and land a few heavy punches before the bell.

In the second, a tiring Heun scored a lateral drop and transitioned to mount. But Odoms fought off the charge once again and slipped to his opponent’s back and instantly locking his arms around the neck. With the look of a deranged lunatic on his face, Odoms cranked the neck and earned a tapout finish that was deemed a rear-naked choke but looked to be more neck crank than anything. The finish came at the 1:56 mark and put Odoms in the tournament final.