Halverson is a backcountry badass [Skiing]

March 27, 2012

One of the budding stars in the world of free skiing, Zach Halverson of Girdwood was recognized by Powder Magazine in last month’s issue as one of the top 10 skiers under 19 years old.

Impressive stuff no doubt – then the kid went out and backed it up.

Last week Halverson placed second at the annual Red Bull ‘Wrangle the Chute’ contest at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in British Columbia.

Recently, Halverson and three friends released a multi-part series about backcountry skiing in Alaska that was featured on espn.com:

Utah-based Dubsatch Collective is a crew of young rippers that’s quickly been making a name for themselves in the freeskiing scene. In this exclusive edit, Sam Cohen, Leo Ahrens, and Zach Halverson, along with their cinematographer Nate Cahoon, go on a search for good snow and steep terrain around Halverson’s hometown of Girdwood, Alaska. “We all went with a general idea about what we wanted to do and how we were going to accomplish that,” says Cahoon, “but we quickly found out that conditions while camping during the coldest time of the year in Alaska might be a slightly different experience than expected.”