Heun elbows foe, wins by first-round TKO [MMA]

May 13, 2012

Jake Heun

Inside an octagon during a mixed martial arts fight is probably the only time you can elbow a police officer in the head and get away with it.

Alaska’s Jake Heun did that during the main event of the Crown Fighting Championships in St. George, Utah, where he knocked out local cop Jarad Carson in the a first round TKO.

“It was an elbow and 14 unanswered punches followed,” Heun told me.

The referee reportedly paused slightly before calling the fight, promoting officials to ask the athletic commission to review the decision.

Heun, of Palmer High fame, said there is nothing controversial about his victory, moving his professional record to 3-2.

“If anything the ref was a little late,” he said.