Bullock switches sports and schools [Volleyball]

June 13, 2012
Sylvia Bullock

As if being one the best shot blockers in women’s college basketball last year wasn’t enough, Sylvia Bullock of Anchorage will now try her luck swatting volleyballs.

The former South High star exhausted her eligibility in basketball at the University of Miami and with a fifth year to use or lose, the graduate school student decided to transfer to the University of Kansas and play volleyball.

The 6-foot-3 leaper will obviously have some learning to do – she hasn’t played volleyball since high school – but you can’t teach athleticism or work ethic, and Bullock brings both to Lawrence, Kan.

“She will fill a need we have for depth at the outside hitter position,” Kansas coach Ray Bechard told the school’s website. “There’s a trend that people are completing their degree and then have the ability to transfer and be eligible right away, but many of them are still competing in the same sport. It’s rare that you see someone complete eligibility in one sport and then move to another.”

Bullock served as team captain for the Miami basketball team that spent the entire season ranked in the national top 25 and advanced to the NCAA Tournament.

“Switching over to volleyball is tough right now only because I feel behind,” Bullock said. “With basketball I can take direction and say `Oh, I’m supposed to do this? Ok!’ With volleyball, I know my athleticism is there but there are some technical skills that I still need to work on still. I’ll be fine. It’ll just take a little patience.

“Volleyball is really fun and I saw an opportunity to play again so I took it.”

Bullock collected 120 blocked shots for her career and ranked fifth in the ACC last year with 1.4 per game.