Way shows off versatility in Texas [Baseball]

July 6, 2012
Matt Way

Three weeks ago, Sitka’s Matt Way threw a 1-hitter for the Laredo Lemurs.

Last night the starting pitcher took one for the team and pulled an inning of relief work.

The southpaw’s willingness to come out of the bullpen demonstrates his whatever-it-takes attitude with the independent league team in Texas.

“That was a ton of fun last night,” Way told me. “I went in to save our bullpen guys for the next 14 games in a row that we have coming up.”

Way gave up a run and walked two in the seventh inning.

In nine starts, he is 4-3 with a 2.98 ERA.

“It’s a completely different mentality,” he said. “Bullpen pitchers are sprinters and starters are marathon guys.

“It was nice to go fast again. I used to throw out of the pen at WSU [Washington State University] and I love it. I love being part of the bullpen. It’s like a club within a club.”

In 10 games this season, Way leads the team in wins, ERA and strikeouts [45] and is second in innings [52.1].