Bowman looks for old form with Vikings [Football]

August 1, 2012

Zak Bowman

If you can’t beat ‘em … sign ’em.

The Minnesota Vikings are 0-5 against the Chicago Bears in their last five meetings, so when Bears cornerback Zack Bowman of Anchorage became a free agent the Vikings pounced in signing him.

And now they hope Bowman will play like he did with the Bears, especially in 2009 when he had six interceptions in 12 starts.

“I kind of liked Zack from a distance when we played Chicago,” Vikings coach Les Frazier told the Chicago Tribune. “To have him here with his length and his athletic ability, we want to see if he can come out and match up with some of these receivers. He has shown flashes in Chicago. We hope he’ll come around and be a factor for us on defense.”

Bowman, of Bartlett High fame, will have an opportunity to earn a starting job in Minnesota’s unsettled defensive backfield.

“This is a good place for me,” he told the newspaper.

Bowman won’t even have to learn a new defensive system because the two teams run basically the same scheme, which suits Bowman’s aggressive style.

“I feel we’re going to do well,” he said. “Last year they were in every single ballgame. This year with Alan Williams as the new defensive coordinator, his big thing is technique, alignment, assignment and execution at the end of the day. That’s been the big emphasis.”