Campbell owns school record for wins [Soccer]

September 14, 2012

Lara Campbell

She didn’t set out to be a goalkeeper, but when Lara Campbell of Anchorage was 12 years old nobody else wanted to play the position.

“I kind of got thrown in one game and I ended up liking it,” she told me. “From there, I went to a bunch of camps and trained with older kids. It’s definitely paid off.”

Now she’s the greatest goalkeeper in University of Denver women’s soccer history.

Campbell, of South High fame, set the school record for career wins with today’s 1-0 victory over the University of Kansas in Lawrence.

The senior has 51 wins, 12 losses and 3 draws. Nearly half of her victories [25] have been shutouts.

“I consider this a team record,” Campbell said. “You can be a great individual, but you won’t shine without your teammates.”

Campbell won her first game on Aug. 22, 2009 with a 1-0 shutout of the University of Wyoming.

“I was nervous being a freshman and starting,” she said, thinking back to that time.

She didn’t stay timid for long, emerging as a true team leader.

“You have to take more charge in terms of communication on the field,” Campbell said. “You have to do a lot more talking. The field players can’t see everything, so you tell them where to go and who to mark.”

Campbell is part of a major movement by Alaska women in NCAA D1 college soccer, joining the likes of Kelly Cobb [Duke], Alev and Derya Kelter [Wisconsin], Sarah Tarver [Northern Arizona], Yvonne Desjarlais and Callie Authier [Arkansas], Tricia Stonebraker [Loyola Chicago] and Rebecca Boggs [Colorado] to name a few.

Together, they are helping raise the level while raising awareness about players from The Last Frontier.

“Alaska has come a long ways in terms of soccer,” Campbell said.