Public recommendations for ’13 [Hall of Fame]

November 7, 2012
Alaska Sports Hall of Fame

Here is another batch of reader recommendations for the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2013.

Recommendation: Jessica Moore
Submitted by: Patrick Floyd
Why: Colony High School Volleyball and Basketball; Colony High School Volleyball State Champion; Colony High School Basketball Championship game and All State Selections; UConn – 3-time national champion with all-tournament honors team during her senior year; WNBA career and WNBA Finals appearance with Indiana.

Recommendation: Marcus Dunbar
Submitted by: Joe Alward
Why: Without a doubt, Marcus Dunbar’s 10 victories (in 11 tries) at the Heart Run 5K was a remarkable feat the likes of which may never be repeated ever again. From 1989 through 2000 no other athlete put as much into dominating a single road racing event as he did at the Heart Run. To earn victories and set a course record 3 times (or was it 4?, admittedly I’m a bit fuzzy on that fact) is incredible. The record still stands, in spite of the fact that there have been several UAA “All-American” Kenyan athletes (David Kiplagat, Marko Cheseto and Micah Chelimo) who have made the effort to surpass that mark (14:38?). I raced my Team Alaska Track Club teammate and friend in many of those races and gave it my all and could do nothing to unsettle his confidence or strangle hold on 1st place. Michael Friess gave it a shot and just came up a bit short on one occasion. Don Clary put forth his best efforts, albeit later in his career, in two attempts and could not dethrone the champ. An out of State athlete (Randy Acetta, Arizona) was brought in to give Marcus a run for his money…to no avail. Some of the best runners in the State of Alaska at the time were Vern Campbell, Paul Ruston, Will Kimball, Jerry Ross, Kirk Fisher and Andy Ferguson…they took their best shot at beating Marcus and they could not get the better of him, either. In those 12 years, Marcus took a one year hiatus to pursue his Masters Degree in 1992 at the University of Idaho. Otherwise, the total may have been 11 victories! (I think it’s fair to give that opinion since I was the winner of the Heart Run in 1992.)

Recommendation: Nancy Pease
Submitted by: Robin Holm
Why: I would strongly encourage you to add Nancy Pease to this prestigious list of athletes. She has long been a supporter of healthy options and trails for our citizens. She is a very accomplished athlete herself as well as a longtime contributor to her community.

Recommendation: Vern Robateau
Submitted by: Tom Rollman
Why: I would like to recommend basketball player Vern Robateau, a former teammate of mine at Chugiak High school, and UAA where he was All-Conference and All-State in high school and a 4-year standout at UAA. He played on the National Division II runner-up team at UAA his senior year. He went on to play professionally in Australia and New Zealand (I believe). Vern is very deserving of recognition by the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame.

Recommendation: Tom Allison
Submitted by: Patrick Floyd
Why: Stand out at Su Valley High School Track and Basketball; Southwestern College MVP – all league; Chapman College; AAA New York Mets; Major League Scout with the Boston Red Sox.

Recommendation: Marcie Trent
Submitted by: Carla Beam
Why: Marcie Trent deserves to be inducted into the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame. As the years pass, fewer people remember this woman’s unique and special contribution to our state’s sports history. Marcie was a runner. Nothing unusual there. We have lots of runners in Alaska and some pretty exceptional ones at that. But Marcie embodied all aspects of what is great about running and sports in general and she did so at a time when women were just finding their way in competition. She was passionate about running. You saw her joy and enthusiasm whenever you encountered her out on the trails. Her passion was infectious. She inspired, encouraged and mentored a whole generation of women and men to take up the sport. One of her most ardent fans was husband John, a big man who couldn’t keep up with her rapid pace, but who would stay connected out on the trails through his yodeling. If you heard the strange sound, you knew that Marcie wasn’t far away. Marcie was also a very talented runner, distinguishing herself with countless age-group records, not just in Alaska, but across the country, racing into her sixties and seventies. Marcie would still be out on those trails she loved were it not for an unfortunate encounter with a bear. She and her son Larry were enjoying a beautiful trail run when they came upon a bear with a fresh kill. Marcie may be gone, but I know I’m not the only one who still feels her spirit and hears the sound of John’s yodeling out on the trail.

Recommendation: Steve MacSwain
Submitted by: CJ Watson
Why: I highly recommend Steve Macswain to be inducted as first! His dedication to coaching is truly unparalleled and as an athlete he is truly loved!