Public recommendations for ’13 [Hall of Fame]

November 23, 2012
Alaska Sports Hall of Fame

Here is another batch of selected reader recommendations for the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2013.

Recommendation: Nancy Pease
Submitted by: Janice Tower
Why: It’s incredible that Nancy isn’t already included among this prestigious group of Alaskans. Recognition for her accomplishments is long overdue! There are athletes who made the cut based on a single event. Not to take away from any of them, but Nancy’s achievements represent years of success, and her records have stood for over 20 years. No one has managed to top her, even those with healthy resources and modern knowledge about training. Nancy owns three significant records that have stood for over 20 years: Mt. Marathon (1990 record; 6 wins), Bird Ridge (1993 record; 5 wins) and Crow Pass (1990 record; 8 wins). The Hall’s mission is to Teach, Honor and Inspire. Certainly Nancy’s accomplishments set the high mark for Alaska’s female athletes to achieve.

Recommendation: 1988 state championship game
Submitted by: Roe Harris
Why: I am voting for the moment as “1988 the heave you couldn’t believe” from the 1988 state football championship. This was one of the most amazing moments in Alaska football history and deserves its place in the hall. I also wish to vote for Tom Huffer in the person category for his incredible service to the youth of Eagle River. He is truly deserving of a place in the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame.

Recommendation: Ted Stevens
Submitted by: Barbara L. Schuhmann
Why: He distinguished himself throughout his life as an athlete (I know he was a tennis player, and fisherman, and developed his own exercise regimen to stay fit), helped sports in Alaska and women athletes throughout the country by championing their cause. He supported Title IX, and assisted in developing the sports infrastructure we enjoy in Alaska today.

Recommendation: Isaac Bush
Submitted by: Ted Jones Jr.
Why: He was in the Special Olympics for horseback riding. He has received a few Medals. He was also pick to go to Ireland to perform, while in Ireland He received a gold and silver medal. Isaac was also involved in Lathrop football as a manager he was treated like everyone else on the team even though he could not suit up and play. Isaac Bush is well known around the Fairbanks area and being a great guy.

Recommendation: Ray Genet
Submitted by: Corky Corthell
Why: He was the first winter climb and did countless ascents before he lost his life on Mt. Everest. His name was the one most closely linked to the mountain during his climbing career.