Griffin has 2nd WNBA double-double [Basketball]

August 27, 2013

Kelsey Griffin

Kelsey Griffin broke through another ceiling.

The fourth-year WNBA player pumped in a career-high 22 points to go with 10 rebounds for her second career double-double for the Connecticut Sun in a 74-66 loss to the New York Liberty.

Griffin, of Chugiak High fame, sank 9-of-14 shots, including all three 3-pointers, in 35 minutes.

The 6-foot-2 starting forward is averaging a career-best 8.6 points in 26 games this year and 10.1 in 10 games this month.

She’s very proud of her production, too. And for good reason, the WNBA is the top league in the world.

“My hard work is paying off. That game did not just happen,” Griffin told me. “I’ve been working for long time to improve my game. I was just trying to do what it took to help my team win.”

Griffin’s first double-double came against San Antonio last year.

This year she has looked like a different player, taking her game to another level and emerging as one of the lone highlights to Connecticut’s disappointing season with a franchise record 19 losses.

“You can’t take any game you’re given in this league for granted,” Griffin said. “There are a lot of players that want to be playing in this league, and can’t, and aren’t, and I feel very privileged to be in this league.

“I go out and try to play every night with that respect for the game. I’m trying to carry that through until the end of the season.”