Lekander reviews colleges with right mix of math, science & tennis

December 20, 2013

Reed Lekander TennisA star in high school, Reed Lekander of Anchorage is now focused on taking his game to the next level.

He will play some tennis, too.

A two-time state champion on the court, Lekander is just as impressive in the classroom with a 3.8 GPA. He’s been offered academic scholarships for next fall.

“I want to play tennis and it’s going to be fun in college, but tennis isn’t going to take me beyond college,” he told me. “I’m not going to, like, make any money off it.”

Lekander, of West High fame, is already thinking of his future and he wants to find a college that will provide him with the right mix of academics and athletics.

He will likely major in math or science.

“I don’t really think I’m going for D1 or anything because that’s a pretty big commitment and I’m kind of leaning towards academics in college,” he said. “A lot of the schools that are good academically that I could play tennis at are not really what I’m looking into as far as a school itself.

“I do want to play tennis, though, so I do have to make sacrifices.”

Lekander expressed interest in Occidental College in California, Trinity College in Connecticut, Pacific Lutheran University in Washington and Willamette University in Oregon.

Any one of them would be lucky to have the 6-foot-1 baseline player. He dominated the high school ranks, finishing his career with two state titles and a 25-match winning streak dating back to his junior season at West.

At 18, he is one already of the top ranked players in the Anchorage’s open division, which features former college players. With a ferocious forehand and booming serve, Lekander hits the ball as hard as anybody.

“I like power, but consistency is really how you win. Keeping the ball in play and being smart,” he said. “I’m trying to shy away from the power aspect a little bit.”