Rash meets biggest fan, fulfills kid’s Make-A-Wish dream

August 6, 2015

Sean Rash BowlingAnchorage’s Sean Rash has rolled two dozen 300 games and won prestigious awards like PBA Bowler of the Year.

Yet those accolades don’t compare to the joy he feels when helping the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The 32-year-old professional bowler took part in his third Make-A-Wish event this week in Hammond, Indiana, where Rash is competing in the PBA/PBA50 South Shore Doubles tournament.

Rash, an 8-time winner on the PBA Tour, is the favorite bowler of 11-year-old Solomon Wohrer of Ohio and it was his wish to meet Rash.

“Anytime you can make a young kid or an older person smile – that’s what the game is all about,” Rash told the Chicago Post-Tribune.

“Being chosen as the athlete to make a person’s wish come true is more than humbling … words can’t express how it feels.”

Little Solomon was diagnosed with bone cancer last year but after undergoing chemotherapy is free of cancer today.

Days like these that make Rash especially proud to be connected with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and he hopes his celebrity will shine a light on the wonderful work they do for children.

“These kids go through life-changing events day in and day out that none of us want to see anyone struggle with,” Rash said. “It isn’t anything you get used to or want to get used to.”

Rash, of Dimond High fame, is currently ranked 10th in the season points race after 15 events. He carries a 222 average.