Byers wins tight match to secure Olympic Trials berth

January 31, 2016

Cayle Byers WrestlingCayle Byers of Peters Creek won a dramatic match to secure a berth to the Olympic Trials in wrestling.

The former NCAA All-American now wrestling with Titan Mercury captured his third-place match at 213 pounds with a 2-1 victory over David Zabriskie of Lehigh Valley at the Dave Schultz Memorial International in Colorado Springs.

He was among a group of freestylers to qualify for the Olympic Trials, April 9-10 in Iowa.

Byers, of Chugiak High fame, won the weight class last year with his first-ever win over NCAA champion Dustin Kilgore, 12-8, in a slugfest.

Byers was an All-American at Oklahoma State University.