Never mind Way, just call him Win because that’s all he does

March 13, 2016

Brian Way baseball

Brian Way

Never mind Brian Way, his name should be Brian Win because that’s all he does.

The Sitka pitcher tossed six innings for Edmonds Community College in a 4-0 win over Pierce College over the weekend, improving to 2-0 in two starts this year and continuing a winning trend as a college pitcher.

His teams have a 32-4 record when he pitches.

Edmonds has won 15 of 17 NWAC games since 2015 and the Bellingham Bells were victorious in 17 of 19 West Coast League games last summer.

He’s not making token appearances either.

The 6-foot-7 right-hander has posted a 12-2 record with eight saves, meaning his fingerprints were all over 20 of those 32 wins.

Even better, his 1.51 ERA in 83.2 career innings just shows you how dominant the big guy has been.

He also won his final start for Sitka en route to winning a state title.