Bynum adds power to his bat without sacrificing batting average

April 6, 2016

Scooter Bynum baseball

Scooter Bynum

There is a power surge happening at Arizona Western College, courtesy of Scooter Bynum of Fairbanks.

The 20-year-old sophomore centerfielder has seen his slugging percentage climb to new heights on the baseball field this season, thanks to career-high totals in doubles, triples and home runs.

Best of all his batting average hasn’t taken a hit as a result of his added power.

Bynum, of Monroe Catholic High fame, is hitting .311 in 37 games compared to .314 in 54 games as a freshman.

“The weight room and the reps from JUCO ball, it’s different than in Alaska, where you get the chance to fail and then pick yourself back up.”

He played in eight games as a senior in high school. In two years at Arizona Western College he has played in 91 – and counting. There are 14 games left in the regular season.

“I’m looking to get really hot here and make the playoffs,” he said.

Bynum’s slugging percentage of .485 is the highest among active Alaskans playing college baseball; better than other notable hitters from the state like Sagan Osborne [.472], Lance Ibesate [.472] and Tyler Thompson [.470].

Bynum has 13 extra-base hits on six doubles, four triples and three home runs.

“That’s good, but I can be better and I know that so I’m gonna do it,” he said.

His slugging percentage is 72 points higher than his freshman season when he had eight extra-base hits [3-3-2].