Updike trying to stay in the moment in preparation for Trials

June 25, 2016

Isaac Updike track

Isaac Updike

After running the race of his life in the steeplechase last month, Isaac Updike of Ketchikan qualified for the Olympic Trials.

He called it a dream come true.

But the truth is Updike has always excelled in the steeplechase and seems to post his best times against better competition.

“Mentally I’m just trying to not overthink the race,” he told me.

The steeplechase at the Olympic Trials will take place July 4 in Eugene, Oregon.

“I know I can go out there contend for a spot in the finals, so it’s just a matter of staying calm and trusting you fitness is where it needs to be on that day,” he said.

Updike, of Ketchikan High fame, was a four-time NAIA All-American in the steeplechase and won the 2013 national championship for Eastern Oregon University before graduating last year.

He is currently training with Team Run Eugene.

He has benefitted greatly, slicing 16 seconds off his previous best 5-K time and 12 seconds off his previous best steeple time.

“Training is going good,” Updike said. “Only have a couple more workouts before the prelims on the 4th. Nothing the volume heavy, just focusing on staying sharp and keeping the intensity up to avoid being flat in a few weeks.

“Workouts are just a mixture of distances and paces. Usually it’ll be half and half with hurdles, alternating race pace [over hurdles] and a bump quicker on flat sections.”