Reigning MVP Kittredge wins third straight AUDL championship

August 8, 2016

Beau Kitteridge Ultimate Frisbee

Beau Kitteridge

Already considered one of the most talented players in the American Ultimate Disc League, Beau Kittredge of Fairbanks is now the most decorated.

The two-time league MVP helped the Dallas Roughnecks beat the Seattle Cascades 33-27 over the weekend to claim the AUDL championship – the third straight for the Alaskan.

Kittredge, 34, won the previous two league titles with the San Jose Spiders before signing with Dallas this season.

The Roughnecks finished their inaugural season with a 17-0 record.

Kittredge, of Lathrop High fame, is the first AUDL player to win three consecutive championships.

“The superstars can’t win the game,” the Roughnecks captain told “The superstars do what they do. They go out and score points, control the disc, but you’re never going to win unless your depth comes out and makes big plays.”

Kittredge was named league MVP in 2015 and 2014.