‘Slam Sisters’ Page, Tufi homer in same game for third time

March 3, 2017

Taria Page softball

Taria Page

Louisiana Tech softball players Taria Page and Pauline Tufi of Anchorage each hit home runs in a 10-0 win over Tennessee State in Memphis, Tennessee. It marked the third time they each went yard in the same game.

Page clubbed a two-run shot to left center in the first inning. In the third inning Tufi hit her own two-run shot to the same part of the field.

“Hitting a home run is the best feeling ever,” Page told me. “It pops off your bat and in your mind, you’re thinking, ‘Oh, yeah, I got all of that.’ You know it’s gone the moment you hit it.”

Page, of East High fame, crushed another home run in the second game of the day, a 9-1 win over Wright State. It was the second dinger of the day for the sophomore and her first two of the season.

“The only thing greater than the moment [of hitting a home run] is when you get to home plate and see your team just as excited, ready to celebrate with you,” Page said.

Pauline Tufi

Pauline Tufi

Tufi, of West High fame, is a senior slugger with three home runs this year and 30 for her career – just the second Alaskan to reach that milestone at the NCAA D1 level.

Page not only followed Tufi to LaTech, she follows her in the batting order as they hit 3-4 in the lineup.

“I got to say it’s difficult trying to follow an athlete like Pauline,” Page said. “She brings power and confidence to the plate and that’s something I can replicate.”

Page is becoming a star herself. She is hitting .400 with a team-best 17 RBIs in 13 games after a slow start due to a back injury.

Hitting behind Tufi, Page should see more pitches to hit, and she is coming up clutch.

“It feels good to know that my coach trusts me to be in that position,” Page said. “Hitting cleanup is a power position and it takes a power player to own it.”