Wilcox pedals to fastest known time in 1,546-mile Baja Divide

March 22, 2017

Lael Wilcox bikepacking cycling

Lael Wilcox

Add the Baja Divide to the long list of long-distance bike races Anchorage’s Lael Wilcox has conquered.

The 30-year-old clocked the fastest known time on the 1,546-mile Baja Divide route through the backcountry of Mexico.

Wilcox, of East High fame, finished in 11 days, 13 hours, and 2 minutes, arriving in the historic town of San Jose del Cabo to make the end of the challenging, self-supported ride.

Last year, she twice broke the women’s record in the 2,745-mile Tour Divide ultramarathon from Canada to Alaska.

The first time she broke the race record in the Canada-to-Mexico international race she rode her bike from Alaska to the starting line.

The second time she had bronchitis and still broke the record by two days.

The Baja Divide is comprised of mostly unpaved backcountry routes in which riders are challenged by rocky terrain, heat and limited resources.