Callahan wins $2,700 for being top 10K finisher in Colorado

September 5, 2017

Maggie Callahan running

Maggie Callahan

Maggie Callahan of Fairbanks didn’t run the fastest time at the inaugural FORTitude 10K in Fort Collins, Colorado.

But she did run all the way to the bank afterwards.

The 29-year-old pocketed $2,700 for being the top finisher in the women’s pro race, even though she posted the fifth-fastest time.

The pro race featured a new and exciting format that handicapped runners based on past times and used a staggered start with the hope everybody crosses the finish line at the same time.

“You don’t get to do different things in races very often,” Callahan told The Denver Post. “I’m sure everyone today, whether or not they’re excited about their performance, will admit that it was kind of fun to do something different.”

Callahan, of West Valley fame, who finished in 35:41.

The former University of Arizona runner is currently a member of Hudson Elite, a respected training group stationed in Boulder, Colorado.