Wilcox sits seventh out of 101 riders in 1,300-mile French Divide

August 10, 2018

Lael Wilcox cycling

Lael Wilcox

Anchorage’s Lael Wilcox is crushing it in the 2,100-kilometer French Divide bikepacking race as she sits seventh among the 101 riders still active.

She has covered 1,475 kilometers in six days and is within striking distance of the top five overall.

The 32-year-old leads the women’s division by 117 kilometers over New Mexico’s Lindsay Shepard.

Wilcox, of East High fame, is world renown for her riding ability in self-supported ultra-distance mountain bike races.

She’s probably the top-ranked woman in the sport, setting record times at similar events like the Navad 1000 in Switzerland earlier this summer.

Over the last few years, though, she’s really stamped her dominance with record-setting victories in races like the 1,546-mile Baja Divide, 4,400-mile Trans Am Bike Race and 2,745-mile Tour Divide.

Wilcox is more than halfway home to a title in the French Divide.