Montalbo accepts invitation to participate in Poly Bowl event

December 27, 2018
Dharen Montalbo football

Dharen Montalbo

With hopes of catching the eye of a football coach from a Pac-12 school, Anchorage’s Dharen Montalbo is excited to test his skills at the Polynesian Bowl National Combine and Showcase.

The Alaska all-state linebacker player has accepted an invitation to participate in three-day event in March in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“This will be a big help in exposure and a chance to have scouts notice me,” he told me. “Many top notch colleges like Oregon, Arizona, USC and many more will be there to evaluate.”

The game features dozens of elite players who are not required to be of Polynesian descent, although many listed on the roster are, including Montalbo.

“What I love about football and I speak for most Polynesian men is that the way you can play in a game where you can be physical and throw people around,” said the 6-foot-1, 185-pounder. “The way the game set up is perfect for us and others who love to hit.”

Montalbo, of West High fame, is eager to line up against players from all over the country.

The Class of 2020 recruit hopes he will get snaps at linebacker, safety and wide receiver in the Jan. 19 game.

“I’m looking forward to see where I stand with others across the nation and hopefully stand out as being top 10,” he said.