Houston’s Whitted has a Heart of a Champion

Houston High School’s Denali Whitted was a dynamic talent in the classroom and in the field of play.  She graduates with a 3.64 GPA and as one of the Hawks most decorated athletes. Over her four years of high school Denali excelled in four sports – volleyball, soccer, basketball, and football.  She played for the boys football and soccer teams starting her sophomore year. Over her career she earned numerous accolades in sports. She was an All Conference football, basketball, and soccer player, and was named Conference MVP as a junior (her senior soccer season was canceled). One of her most impressive honors was being named a four-time winner of the the Houston Heart of a Champion Award (Houston Student Athlete of the Year)!  Throughout high school Denali was involved in student government and impacted her school in many ways. Houston athletic director Norman Bouchard had this to say: “Denali is a leader in all areas of our school! She is great with other kids and always has a smile on her face!”  Denali is still working on her future plans.