An 11-year-old bull rider from Soldotna wins, dances in Oregon

August 2, 2021

Ryder Hackett

Ryder Hackett is an 11-year-old bull rider from Soldotna.

He’s also quite the little dancer.

Hackett stole the show at the 75th annual Chief Joseph Days Ranch Rodeo in Oregon, where he posted a qualified ride on a junior mini bull to win his age group and then celebrated by busting a dance move.

Moments after he successfully held onto the bull with one hand for eight seconds, Hackett was called on to “Do a dance move.”

He eagerly obliged.

With the famous disco jam ‘YMCA’ playing over the loudspeaker, Hackett broke into dance without skipping a beat before running out of the ring.

Hackett is no stranger to rodeos and has been riding competitively for several years.

He has big dreams when it comes to bull riding.

“On his quest for a world title,” Scooter Hackett wrote on Facebook.