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Roes sets record in Western States 100 (Running)

Maybe this will finally put Juneau’s Geoff Roes over the top as the greatest ultramarathon runner in this country. Perhaps even the world. The 34-year-old added one the final piece missing from his remarkable resume, winning the Western States Endurance Run 100-miler today in California’s Sierra Nevada range. And in typical Roes fashion, he didn’t… Read more »

Roes conquers 100-miler in Utah (Running)

Alaskan Geoff Roes is one of the most accomplished ultra-marathoners in the country, but even he walked away from this week’s Wasatch 100 shaking his head. And he won the race. The annual contest up and down the Wasatch Mountains in Utah lived up to its claim as “a premier run that will test the… Read more »

Your Voice

Thanks for taking the time to write!  By sharing your stories and knowledge you help preserve  Alaska’s rich sports history and help significant people, moments and events get the recognition they deserve. Public Recommendations are always welcome and can be submitted here. This is a compilation of submissions received since 2006. They have generally NOT… Read more »

Let the voting begin (Hall of Fame)

Voting for the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2011 has begun. Periodically, we will share some of the write-in recommendations submitted by readers. Here are a few: Recommendation: Cedar Bourgeois Submitted by: Dori Hollingsworth Why: Seven consecutive Mt. Marathon women’s victories with some of the fastest times ever posted in the race. A… Read more »

More write-in nominations (Hall of Fame)

Here is a list of write-in nominations from the public the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame has received for future consideration. If these recommendations get enough votes their names will be added to next year’s ballot. But don’t forget—voting for the Class of 2010 ends Wednesday. People Dolly Lefever—First and only Alaskan woman to climb… Read more »