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Clarke punches ticket to Nationals (Track)

Anchorage’s Jordan Clarke is officially next in line when it comes to being the next great shot putter at Arizona State University. Third on the team behind two seniors, the redshirt freshman joined his older counterparts by qualifying for the NCAA Division I Track and Field Championships based on his fifth-place finish at the Preliminary… Read more »

64-man bracket: Picking Alaska’s greatest NCAA D1 hoops player

During the COVID-19 outbreak Alaska Sports Blog editor Van Williams will take the opportunity to take a retrospective look at Alaska sports. Big guards, small forwards and 7-footers. Bombers and bangers. All-Americans, all-conference picks and national champions. The Last Frontier produces all types of college basketball players. As the only state in the country without… Read more »

Your Voice

Thanks for taking the time to write!  By sharing your stories and knowledge you help preserve  Alaska’s rich sports history and help significant people, moments and events get the recognition they deserve. Public Recommendations are always welcome and can be submitted here. This is a compilation of submissions received since 2006. They have generally NOT… Read more »